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Make your brand sing through Social Media | Correlationist’s Blog

Make your brand sing through Social Media | Correlationist’s Blog.

Correlationist makes an excellent observation about the power of the audio sting . And his idea of incorporating a sting in twitterverse @brand is brilliant (why don’t you develop it, Mr. C?).

Of course, the subject draws one back to the effectiveness of, yes, sorry, jingles. Great brands historically were stamped onto the social fabric by means of catchy jingles which implanted the association of the brand name to the category firmly in what Daniel Kahneman calls “System 1” in our two system brains (“Thinking, Fast and Slow,” Daniel Kahneman, Doubleday Canada; ).

Jingles are considered passe and advertising people spit on their simplistic graves every day. Yet they worked, and thanks to Kahneman and a whole bunch of neuro-scientists and psychologists, we know why. Easily identified musical stings, such as those cited by Correlationist (Intel, McDonalds, Lotto 646) as well as Rogers Communications and many others, serve the same purpose.

It’s interesting to note that McDonalds which has always had a jingle or simple ,musical track consistently attached to its name, was, is and probably forever will be, among the most recognized and recalled brands in the world. Burger King, on the other hand, isn’t. Yet BK had funnier, more clever, more esoteric, smarter, cooler ads. And McD has a jingle.

Makes you wonder.

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