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Democracy destroys itself

Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its right to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress.

Isocrates quoted by Michael Lewis in “Boomerang.”

A totally brilliant summary of how screwed up the people who screwed the global economy really were...and still are.



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Behavioural economics: a call to action | Comment | Research | LinkedIn

Behavioural economics: a call to action | Comment | Research | LinkedIn.

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Do they do it because they’re stupid or because they enjoy confusing people

Trying to get from the parking at the Eaton Centre to anywhere you might want to shop is almost impossible. Here’s how it works:

After parking, in the foyer outside the elevator, a bright, helpful design-forward sign guides you to where you might want to go:

Helpfully, at the elevators they have a smart, designer sign telling you where to go for what. To get to Canadian Tire, I will press “Retail”. Cool

Hello! What’s this? The elevator buttons? No “Retail”! No relationship to the helpful sign at all. Help. How do I get to Canadian Tire?

Oh, wait. They have this "map the elevator buttons" guide right next tot he elevator buttons. What a relief. But, wait, still no Canadian Tire. What to do?

The real message is that the architects and designers know the problem, they see the mistake they made, but they’re too lazy or too cheap to make it right. Besides which, once a shopper has gone to the trouble of parking they’re not going to turn back just because they have trouble finding out where the store is. So who cares!

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Beyond PowerPoint | LinkedIn

Beyond PowerPoint | LinkedIn.

Beyond PowerPoint | LinkedIn

In the early 80s we used to joke about presenting to clients by means of interpretive dance…it was an absurdity that seemed quite charming at the time. But, now that absurdity is an admired reality

Microstructure-Property relationships in Ti2448 components produced by Selective Laser Melting: A Love Story from Joel Miller on Vimeo.

Who knew?

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Do These Skyscrapers Look Like The Twin Towers Exploding? MVRDV Responds | Co. Design

Do These Skyscrapers Look Like The Twin Towers Exploding? MVRDV Responds | Co. Design.

Yes, it’s true that it only looks like the WTC from the ground view — but, the ground is where most people will view it from. Setting aside cultural respect (as in, “we won’t mock the destruction of Amsterdam in WW2 if you don’t mock the destruction of WTC”), hundreds of millions of people have watched the WTC towers falling and have a visceral sense of the horror of being killed in the collapse — seeing these building in Korea would, inevitably, trigger the association and result in conscious or subconscious disgust directed at anybody associated with the buildings. This would, eventually, include grandpa who lives there (see illustration). The developers would do well to trash the design and move on.

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Rob Ford has a softer side

Perhaps Ford’s run-in with his inner ballet dancer will move him to be a more open and accepting human being. Perhaps not. Better a nutcracker than a ball breaker. No?

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